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- Premier Guitar -

I run 11's myself, although I use D'Addario XT's. I did use Ernie Ball earlier in my career.
- Billy Rouse -

Just a couple of really nice guys talkin gear. Thumbs up!
- Mike Wiebe -

I wish they could have talked to Chris a bit more. Too bad he had to leave for sound check. He seems like such a great guy. Joel too! Great episode!!
- John Lankford -

A mix of some of the coolest and some of the ugliest guitars I've ever seen
- SewerratProductions -

Awesome that you got to share these guys with us, Chris has been a favorite player of mine for many many years. They diffidently deserve better recognition considering how much great music they bring to us. Pure Awesomeness!!! Thank You!!!
- Joseph Southard -

Cool to see Patton Oswald moonlighting as a guitar tech.
- Danse Macabre -

- Debra Welter -

My GF is friends with Bob Kinkel, one of TSO's founders. We went to a show in Albany NY as his Guest, and I was actually in this room under stage before the show. There is one like this on the other side of the stage that is monitor world, and I believe if memory serves me, a second guitar room. You would not believe what actually is under/behind this complex setup, AMAZING!! These players are GREAT at what they do, Bravo/Brava to the Women as well!!!
- James Harte -

- Carolina Cowgirl -

Can you play the red gitar next year
- Carolina Cowgirl -

That's my new boy friend Joel hoekstra
- Carolina Cowgirl -

I love he modern V. Especially in the gold. Great lookin guitar!
- Armando Peredia -

Man I cant believe I missed them again. This year...
- james harper -

Probably could be one of my favorite rundowns. Joel and Chris and Galen all taking the time to speak directly to us, giving us more insight into the gear and show than just the tech alone. Wonderful attitude...just became a HUGE fan.
- Steve K -

Joel Hoekstra coolest dude in Rock n Roll.
- Robert Glancy -

what a super nice guy!
- jazztom86 -

Friedman guitars are made by grover jackson i think
- Stephen McCarthy -

"O come all ye faithful" to "slide it in" 🤔
- David Alley -

I am less than half way through watching this video and have become a big fan of Joel Hoekstra. He loves guitars. He loves the fans. He enjoys what he does. Eye candy matters. Chris is cool too.
- Jim Con -