Mounadaham | Tamilcinema | Part 14:  Mounadaham | Tamilcinema | Part 14
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"Mouna Daham" - The Silent Thirst (1990) is a Tamil romantic movie. Directed by J. V Rugmangadan, starring Soman, Prameela and Others. "Mouna Daham" says about the instability of mind, especialy the teenage. They don't know what is wright and what is wrong. All this are discussed in this movie to very high extend. We may consider this as natural phenomena. But considerably this is affected by many other facts. As people thinking the temptations is not a fact, it's the lack of uncontrollable mind. Sumitra is an un happy house wife who has a very tragic love story behind. Suresh is a typical tenage boy who comes into city from vilage to do his studies. madhavan is his father who is also a teacher. Solayappan is her driver.Rajeev is her husband , who is a business man, Sreedhar is her ex lover. Wincent is Suresh's friend.
Movie starts with the intro of Sumitra in her home, where as Madhavan came to see her with Suresh.He got admission to the city college. Madhavan was not interested to make him in a hostel stay. So he opted her home as a paying guest, but she refused it. She said he is like her own brother. "Mouna Daham" actually rolls from this moment. Suresh starts staying with her and joins college. Mean while the picture changes simultaniously as he meets new guys in college with strage thinking and attitude. Which alters the goodness of Suresh. He starts thinking more romantic. More over the attitude of Sumitra towards him also influences him. The movie goes on very drastic moments. But at any instant Sumitra and Suresh never crosses line. Wincent comes to see her in the care of Suresh. On the other hand Rajeev comes to hom after his business tour, he is not impressed with Suresh. He asks him to go back to hostel. But Sumitra opposes it. Upon her will Suresh stays but Rajeev goes from home. Mean while Wincent comes to see her usually which arouses the envy of Suresh. Later it turns into a tragic climax. So what that might be? Go to full movie and explore it. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.