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This area is under construction. For the current working AAC catalog, visit the AAC article in the news section.


Ascendents Astronomy Catalog (AAC)

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The Ascendents Astronomy Catalog is an organized list with either the first 100 or 500 AAC designations. Download CSV versions below for import to your own datasystems.

Ascendents Astronomy Database (AADB)

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2022-08-31 03:12:12 pm

With 1,234,567 astronomic objects, the Ascendents Astronomy Database combines catalogs and attemps to resolve data inconsistencies by bringing awareness new discoveries. In addition to CSV downloads, the AADB has API capabilities for retrieval of space object records and scripting support for major organizations to import their data.

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Main Catalog (AAC-0 through AAC-99)

Extended Catalog (AAC-0 through AAC-499)


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- Mission Statement -

Ascendents Astronomy's mission is to confirm a consensus for the boundaries of the universe, the galaxy, the Ascendents sphere, and other features -- settling data inconsistencies throughout catalogs, for example: a blue group of stars near Taurus is mistaken for being close to the Ascendents Sphere when in actuality they are the stars located in the Large Magellenic Cloud (LMC). That discovery has brought into question the believability of space catalogs. It has given reason to second-guess the data everyone uses and with scutiny, to challenge and track the integrity of the information. The Ascendents Astronomy Database (AADB) was created thinking about that goal.

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Official Publications / CSV Downloads

AAC Help File with Table of Contents / Legend, Conventions, and Constellations

AAC Main Catalog (AAC-0 though AAC-99)

AAC Extended Catalog (AAC-0 though AAC-499)

AADB Help File with Table of Contents / Legend, Conventions, and Constellations

AADB complete Database with over a million stars (Ascendents Consensus)
CSV (best data, large file)

AADB complete Database with over a million stars (All
CSV (all data, huge file)

All files

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return object CSV if it finds it

Details page

Ascendents Astronomy DB Data: ---
ID Primary Status Visibility Searchable AADBVolume A AADBFirst5 1-99999 AADBLast5 1-99999 AADBSuffix 1-999 AADB-7 Unique TinyText AADB-A7-99999 Name Varchar AKA also known as aliases Text Other identifiers list HD-### HIP-### TYC-#-##-# etc
Public notes and Track record is a concatenating log file where the newline starts with the timestamp and email/name/anonymous Track record history of changes, show pubic notes [x] Public notes mixed in chronologically with history of changes Side by side Pictures folder with robot code and 100mb limit AACMain AACExtended AADBstatus ViewsCount EditsCount CommentsCount Mass Temp Radius Domain: Phylum: Universal, Galactic, Stellar, Planetary, Human Class: List of all the classes of stars and galaxy objects DistanceFromSol Average Inner Sphere Distance for Coordinate Grid Square Average Outer Sphere Distance for Coordinate Grid Square Position Coodinates. And astrology sign Median Distance for Coordiante Grid Square Distance from Sphere Inner Edge Distance from Outer Edge Distance from Grid Median Distance DGMD Ascendents Level = DGMD = round the distance, strlen * 10 For the sun, average the DGMG for all grid squares, and calculate the distance with that. However my decimal places the distance has * 10 is the ZONE Use function to convert coordinates to Horoscope Distance from Sol MINUS 913 ly, Ascendents Sphere Zone -10 is barely inside the dome, (sqrt distance/100) to sphere / 2 Period Year Etc.
Stars related to AADB-1: AADB-10 - surrounding object AADB-0 - barycenter

Stars tracking AADB-1 AADB-0 - surrounding object AADB-2 - reference point, nearby

Records found: 3, conflicts 0 (show data: mass | distance | size | temp | period | year | detailed) Name HIP 12345...Distance 123 Ly (thumbs up) 5 votes HD 4321...Distance 123 Ly thumbs up 1 vote TYC 1234-124-1...Distance 123 Ly thumbs up 2 votes Status for each field shows either: No conflict, Resolved, Vote for the correct record
Conflicts detected 0 (Add another record)... create from another record, dropdown the record with the similar ID not the AADB ID

Here's a widget:
Type a star name, when it doesn't exist say this record cannot be found in our database. To suggest it as a star, enter your email address for the record, you will be sent an email to verify creation of the record.

Individual Records CATALOG NUMBER Position Coordinates Distance from Sol Kingdom Galactic, Stellar, Planetary Phylum (Galaxy / Globular Cluster, Star / Neutron Star, Planet, Asteroid, Moon) The first billion+ objects, Volume A has AADB-A#####-##### for root objects, AADB-A#####-#####-1 for orbiting objects. Objects sizes typically measured in LY are Galactic -- Galaxy Groups, Galaxies, and star clusters, Other Objects sizes typically measured in AU are Stellar -- All types of stars, Black Holes, Asteroid Belts, Other Objects sizes typically measured in KM are Planetary -- Planets, Exoplanets, Moons, Asteroids, Other Class B9V, etc Object Type: Stellar, Other, [Something Else_________________] Object Type: Stellar, Star, Class [Something Else_________________] When a new record's mass brightness j2000RA j2000DEC currentRA currentDEC radius, etc..., when there is a mismatch -- Unset aac_mass_consensus, aac_radius_consensus to = 0 (False) -- TRACK VOTES EMAIL, IPs in TEXT data field -- WHEN SOMEONE CLICKS TO VOTE, enter email, check your email to confirm the vote. -- When a record item has more than half of all votes, then its value is consensus [green checkmark, purple question mark], -- When a record is created with mass_votes -1, it means that it overwrote the old value -----when it overwrites the old value, it needs to make a record in the aac_public_log of "2022-03-12 Per record 202208_1029841, Mass changed from 1.23 to 1.24"

Results List

A conscious effort was made to be accurate and understand space with some logical fashion. Objects in the Ascendents Astronomy Catalog (AAC) aim to be insightful for holistic exploration of the universe.

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