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What are your advertising guidelines?'s goal with advertising is to have a program that everybody (including visitors, rightsholders, affiliates, and advertising partners, etc.) see as a quality platform. Being a quality platform, we hope to show ad content that enhances the experience, rather than making it annoying. By conforming to the latest standards from the Coalition for Better Ads, we avoid what are called "least preferred ad experiences." Ads should be accurately reflect you and your company. Images should be high-quality and of the right dimensions so that they look nice. This site aimed for a mature audience, but we realize that people of all ages might see your content. Please refrain from using offensive material or copyrighted material that you do not own, as we reserve the right to terminate that kind of content; in that case you can simply create and reactivate a different ad.

How much do ads cost?

Since royalty rates change continually and ad rates are based on royalty rates, ad prices also change continually. Check the prices frequently to lock in the best rates. For more information, This article (published in August 2016) compares advertising media types and their CPM prices). Click counts are provided for statistical purposes only and are not included in pricing. has programming to help make sure browsers only reload visible ad windows. Like TV, newspaper, and other forms of advertisement, there is no guarantee that people will engage with your ad. A display means that it was displayed, for example: displaying something in a window does not mean people will turn to focus on it. At the same time, just because someone doesn't click on your awesome ad doesn't mean that they didn't see it or that they won't factor it into their decisons!

This Week's Advertising Rates:

Effective 2019-12-24 00:00:00
Royalty Block Rate: $0.0000
Block Multiplier x 0.0
RightColumn AdRate: $0.0054
NextBar AdRate: $0.0034
Threads AdRate: $0.0014
Total Blocks Forecasted:
Current Block Rate: $0.000000

Next Week's Forecast:

Starts at
Next Total Blocks*:
Forecasted Block Rate*: $0.000000

*This is only a prediction/future hint of the ad rates for next week -- it is possible that it can change several times before becoming active on Sunday Night at midnight.

Royalties are made possible by these following advertising partners:

Amazon Music

Apple Music/iTunes

The Ascendents


Google Play Music


How can I edit/update my ad?

On the Ads Manager page, click the `Edit` button next to the ad you wish to change the settings for. On the Add Funds/Edit Advertisement page, keep fund amount at zero and leave the credit card information blank. Updating an ad's settings also recalculates the ad price, so after updating, based on the current ad rate, the approximate number of displays remaining can change.

Do you offer refunds?

At this time, as shown in our returns/refunds policy, we do not offer refunds for digital purchases (such as advertising/ad credit). However, if you wish to cancel an ad, it can be exchanged for ad credit which can be used when purchasing future advertising. Royalty rates paid out are based on our sales revenue, so refunds are strongly discouraged -- the more refunds we offer, the more it negatively affects our music industry's favorite artists! If an order is cancelled, affiliate sales commission for it is also cancelled. If you are concerned about needing a refund, please simply instead consider testing our advertising program with a small test budget to see if you like it. Once committed, assumes you intend to stay for the duration of your marketing campaign because it takes time to see how successful it is.

Are ads secure?

Advertisments are hosted/served by our secure web server. They are free of malware and malicious/overboard coding practices.

How does targeting work?

We can publicly determine a visitor's approximate geographic location based on the IP address that is routed to a substation of either their internet service provider or mobile/cell phone service carrier.


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